Unplug LA

Digital Detox, Camp Grounded & Reboot present UNPLUG SF – An Off-The-Grid Party to Celebrate Reboot’s National Day of Unplugging. Check your phone at the door and together we’ll redefine what it means to truly be connected. It’s like summer camp for adults, in the city, for one epic night of pure unadulterated fun. Everyone is invited (21+)

7:00pm-11:00am @ Electric Lodge

Saturday, March 7th 2014

Join Digital Detox, Camp Grounded and Reboot for our largest Device-Free Drinks celebration to date. Leave your phone at home or check it at the door for a night of Digital Detox goodness – massage lounge, live music, typewriters, arts and crafts, hand-drawn portraits, board games, dancing… Unplug after a busy week and take time off the grid to feel awesome.