Our Team

LEVI FELIX: Founder & CEO of Digital Detox and Camp Grounded: Summer Camp for Adults. 

As a community organizer, international speaker and retreat facilitator, with a background in psychology and music, Levi Felix’s goal is to “connect people.” Felix has been featured and interviewed in the New York Times, New Yorker, Bloomberg Businessweek, BBC NightlyNews, CNN, Sunset Magazine, The UK Guardian, Vogue, China Daily, PBS, Fox and Real Simple; he has appeared numerous times on NPR discussing tech addiction, balance and the importance of unplugging.

This past summer, Felix helped curate Fast Company’s “Complete Printable Guide to Unplugging,” and Inc Magazine’s “The What-Not-to-Bring on Vacation Check List.” Over the past year he has hosted executives and employees from Cisco, Facebook, Square, Genentech, Oracle, Google, Intel, IDEO, Apple, Pandora, Twitter, and Kaiser Permanente – leading workshops in tech mindfulness, play and (dis)connection. He regularly speaks at conferences and leads workshops for companies, organizations and universities.

Levi is an avid spear fisherman, enjoys cleaning compost toilets, has been playing funk & jazz drums for over 15 years, and loves a good prank. He is a storyteller at heart, enjoys taking big deep breaths, revels in moments of awkward silence and loves to connect people. His soft spot is sushi.

BROOKE DEAN: Founder of Digital Detox. Director of Hospitality, Sustainability and Nutrition

Brooke has lived the ethos of Digital Detox since the day she was born. Her love of vinyl records, vintage art, lakes, deserts, big sky, and conversations on porches that last so long you forget what time it is, run deep in her Montana blood. As a collector of books and close friends, she is a natural host for anyone that walks into the door. Whether at a retreat or summer camp, Brooke ensures that all guests feel welcome and at home.

Brooke is also the Chef for the Digital Detox retreats. She partners with the best local farmers markets, vendors and artisanal crafters to supply the freshest, most sustainable and nutrient dense delectables, so that all participants’ needs are met. She is our volunteer coordinator for analog events and parties. Her experience stems from her time running a permaculture farm in Thailand, cooking for a guesthouse in Cambodia (100% off-the-grid), and managing numerous restaurants throughout the years.

At Camp Grounded, Brooke can be found running the camp Canteen. Telling bad jokes, convincing people to drink pickle juice and giving incredible hugs. Her secret camp currency is salt. She is a sucker for dogs and rainy days around the fireplace.

ZEV FELIX –  Creative Director, Co-Founder of Camp Grounded.

Zev often jokes that he is the “Digital” in Digital Detox. As a self taught coder, designer and all around DIY genius – he creates the organization’s branding and visual identity. Through his work, he tells the story of Camp Grounded and the growing community, inspiring people to unplug and go outside. Zev’s work has been featured on design blogs such as Laughing Squid and TrendHunter, while being featured in London’s Global Innovation Report, Ypulse, and MudPie Trend Magazine.

As the Co-Founder of Camp Grounded, Zev brings many of the absurd and wacky ideas to the table. A prankster at heart, and a childhood geek that knows what it’s like to feel different, he enjoys coming up with outrageous games that give everyone the permission to feel weird, celebrated and connected. In addition, Zev manages the Camp Grounded General Store, Rentals, and makes sure everyone has enough sunscreen.

When not behind the computers at the Digital Detox HQ, Zev enjoys dancing, making crafts, sewing, learning anything he can, and face painting strangers. You can often find him walking around Lake Merritt or at the local park with a bag of yarn, typewriter and his crochet hooks. A moustachio’d ginger on a mission, Zev befriends the weirdest of people.